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Canon FL lens set in excellent condition (non-rehoused)

Matt W.

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Oct 3, 2009
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Underrated lens set. Similar coatings to Kowa Cine-Prominars. Beautiful flares. Sharper than expected. 19mm f3.5 is a sleeper, better than other brands from this era except perhaps Leica.

All in very good to excellent condition. Great optically. 85mm f1.8 has been serviced recently but shows cosmetically just a bit more wear.


19mm f3.5 (retrofocus 77mm front version)

28mm f3.5

35mm f2.5

50mm f3.5 Macro

58mm f1.2

85mm f1.8

135mm f2.5

Gorgeous blue and yellow flares, consistent coatings. Similar look and feel to canon rangefinder glass but longer flange distance.

Looking for $2000 plus shipping for the set. These might be my favorite lenses but I need money more.


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If no one wants these, they're going on eBay for more money.

These are great, increasingly popular for rehousing. Very inexpensive for what are some of the nicest looking and performing FF vintage lenses on the market IMO. 19mm f3.5 holds its own against UWA Leica from the same era, coatings are similar to Kowa-Prominar. Excellent lenses.