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  • Hey all, just changed over the backend after 15 years I figured time to give it a bit of an update, its probably gonna be a bit weird for most of you and i am sure there is a few bugs to work out but it should kinda work the same as before... hopefully :)

RedUser getting no Red Love?!

Simon Dunne

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May 6, 2007
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Recon use to be the place to go. Nothing from Jarred. It's all Facebook now for info? Not even a link to the big livestream on YT?!

I remember when people were scraping the site for images before the 3K for $3K launch!!!

Is this the end of RedUser?!
I wish there was more work on this page. I think this page is great. I do not think Facebook and Instagram replaces a forum, it compliments it. Surely it would be worth the time of Red to post here once a week at least.
Bumping this thread with consideration to the latest site update.

Still hope there could be a little more participation from those at RED but I have no control over that.

I do have control over my own participation and the RU site facelift does motivate me to be a more active user (work/free time willing).

Brian Timmons