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  • Hey all, just changed over the backend after 15 years I figured time to give it a bit of an update, its probably gonna be a bit weird for most of you and i am sure there is a few bugs to work out but it should kinda work the same as before... hopefully :)

Monstro is here!

Dylan Verrechia

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Apr 23, 2011
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NYC I Baja California
RED has done it again: – my upgrade has arrived at this very minute in Brooklyn on the 23rd of December!!!

The RED Squad, man, each and every time they come thru!

Thanks Jarred for making this upgrade possible; Christine, Riley, Austin for an incredible quick turnaround (and having it delivered for Christmas no less, along with the additional VistaVision EF Mount); Chad for your constant support; and Andrew at the NY store, you're the man!

Thank you so much for the Monstro 8K VV sensor.
I loved the Helium (linked to a Video at the bottom); and I'm now looking forward to exploring the VistaVision format, and its sensor's quality with my Super Speeds MKII.

Packing now, and leaving with "Baby" tomorrow on a shoot in Mexico!
You guys make it possible.

Happy holidays,



  • Red Monstro 8K VV Dylan Verrechia Films NY Brooklyn.jpg
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