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Looking to trade for DSMC2 Production Module V Mount

Yasir Khan

Feb 29, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Basically need XLR’s direct in and heard that’s the best of the lot as far as pre amps.

Have the following up for trade, located in upstate NY:

RED Motion Mount PL

RED QR Dovetail & Mount Plate

Canon EF to RF Drop Filter Mount

Canon Variable ND Drop Filter

Canon Circular Polarizer Drop Filter

Canon Clear Drop Filter

Metabones PL to RF Adapter

Metabones CY to RF Adapter

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

Sony RX0 II (full spectrum modified by backbone)

Sony Servo Grip Extension FS7

Metabones C/Y to E SpeedBooster

Fotodiox C/Y to E ColorFlare Kit

SoundDevices MixPre3

SoundDevices Y Cable

Sennheiser ME67

w/ K6 Capsule & Rycote Deadcat

Tiffen 6x6 ND0.3

Tiffen 4x4 Grad Enhancing

Tiffen ø77 Neutral Density 3.0
Tiffen ø77 Smoque 2

(2) Kino Flo Wheeled FreeStyle/GT 31 Travel Case (Yellow)