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DSMC2 Dragon X S35 Package

David Kaufman

New member
Nov 5, 2022
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Just curious if anyone has run across many RED DSMC2 Dragon 6K S35 packages? And if so, what’s a common price point for a package with monitor, ssd media, ef/pl mount, etc.?

I’m looking for a b-cam to my DSMC2 Helium 8K S35, but trying to stay in a $8-10K price range. Wanted to see if the Dragon 6K was landing within that range?
Well below that. I think Gemini and Helium are going for that range, and even lower for basic kits. The Monstro is not far off that budget mark.

Probably great for existing Red owners looking for Bcam, but as I was considering DSMC used recently, I actually don't find much difference between DSMC2 and many of the mirrorless offerings. Yes, there is something that gives Red's a marginally better looking picture, but the new cams offer so much for even less. Mirrorless mounts and instant boot up times and better battery life and frame rates, with dual native iso's is just too hard to go back to fans, heat, and heft of the old brains. Not to mention autofocus. So, you should be able to find good deals on DSMC1/2. Also the end of life media options, as those cheap internal drives begin to run their life cycles after years. And expensive repairs for out of warranty eol cameras. It is really closing out the resale value on the old things. Still great bcams for existing owners though. offsets the initial investment a little i hope. I've found Gemini brains for $3500 that I passed on. best of luck!
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