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DSMC-1 bits & pieces ...

Johnny Rot

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Feb 18, 2019
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Hi there RU,

A few DSMC-1 items available for sale
(ex Epic Dragon's) ..

1 x RED PL Ti Mount ($950) obo
1 x RED Body Cap; metal ($15)
2 x RED EVF Adjustable Bracket, with 100mm Extension ($200 ea)
1 x RED EVF Spinner ($300) obo
4 x RED AC Power Units ($75 ea)
1 x RED V Accessory Bracket ($20)
1 x RED Top Mount 19mm ($125)
1 x RED 15mm Centred Adaptor ($65)
3 x RED Guide Clamps ($20 ea)
2 x SWAGGER Shoulder Mount kits (unit includes 2 x 19mm Bridge Supports, Quick Release Plate, Swagger Shoulder Mount) - Best in the world for the optimal hand-held experience. Get that camera close to your shoulder and close to the centre of gravity ... Available no-where else !! ($900 ea) obo
1 x RED Camera Mounting Plate ($75)
1 x WOODEN CAMERA 19mm Dovetail Plate, with RED Riser Plate ($200)
1 x RED Sync Cable, Lemo - 1 BNC ($25)
3 x RED Sync Cable (Lemo - 3 BNC ($45 ea)

Prices in USD$ / Shipping from NZ.

All in excellent working order and presentation... Photos available on request for all items.

Please email - info@swaggerofthievesfilm.com
Thanks Johnny.