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  • Hey all, just changed over the backend after 15 years I figured time to give it a bit of an update, its probably gonna be a bit weird for most of you and i am sure there is a few bugs to work out but it should kinda work the same as before... hopefully :)

ATTN New Members: Permissions Restrictions. Please Read

Thank you! I was trying to figure out if I needed to pay for this forum or not....you'll be hearing from me again in 24 hours!
Am I allowed to post to the Marketplace yet? Wonder how long it takes to get bumped
It's 60 days from join date: https://www.reduser.net/forum/red-di...s-and-guidance

If you have just joined, you may find you cannot create a thread in any of the Marketplace subforums. New users will be placed on a 60-day probation period before they can create new threads in the Marketplace. This means, you are forbidden from selling items before you have been a member for at least sixty days. New members are free to buy and to post in existing threads, but you cannot sell, or create a new thread until the 60 day benchmark is reached.