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  1. Zack Birlew

    Sensor Split Fix Opens Up New Camera Possibilities?

    It's been a while since this thread was made, the 360 degree option seems to have been taken over by the new Big Sky Sphere 18K camera which uses special fisheye lenses to capture a massive picture and while Fuji hasn't made the full move to full medium format sensor readout in 8K or higher on...
  2. Zack Birlew

    SP3 Vs. FF Panchro Classic

    They look good with the Aivascope but I would be more excited if it had been the ISCO4ALL Iscorama! I also wonder how the SLR Magic 2X anamorphic adapter would have looked with them as well if we're talking all about anamorphic adapter use. Very cool looking lenses nonetheless!
  3. Zack Birlew

    Rehouse for Canon EF 24-70 2.8 USM?

    Update: The Technical Farm place never got back to me so that's a dead end too. However, I did find some repair services on eBay that say they can fix my lens but they're in Canada so that's going to be a job for another day. The thing is, I watched a review video by Christopher Frost today on...
  4. Zack Birlew

    Blackmagic Design is rumored to announce a new L-mount cinema camera on September 14

    That's cool to finally see if the R5C had less dynamic range capability to the 6KFF and the 6KFF really kicks butt in that test. However, I can see that advantage going away if Canon refines things in an R5C Mark II and some rumors point to them possibly making one by NAB. The R5C always sits at...
  5. Zack Birlew

    Leica Lens Resale Rate - What's The Deal?

    Hi, everybody, so I happened to be perusing another forum marketplace and noticed that there were, once again, posts for selling Leica lenses, Leica R, Leica M, Leica Cine, etc. and usually it was for only one or two lenses. This stood out as unusual to me as the usual talk is about the act of...
  6. Zack Birlew

    Red Epic 6K clarification and your thoughts

    I know the M and X differences get a little confusing with the Epics but the only thing different is the materials used for the bodies, like carbon fibre to stay light, otherwise it's the same 6K camera. As far as quality goes, you can still make top market images with a DSMC1 Dragon 6K as well...
  7. Zack Birlew

    The Current State of Distribution

    Hi, everybody, so we're seeing all kinds of things come to light within the movie industry, bad streaming numbers, up and down stock prices, effects of the Hollywood strikes, and constant movie and TV show flops everywhere and, altogether it's essentially a complete falling down of the Hollywood...
  8. Zack Birlew

    Blackmagic Design is rumored to announce a new L-mount cinema camera on September 14

    Dang, that Raptor comparison is so bitingly close! Forget color, that can always be changed or matched with software, the definition is there and the overall look is there and the price difference is not even competitive, the Blackmagic is literally a ton of bang for the buck if it's that close...
  9. Zack Birlew

    Rehouse for Canon EF 24-70 2.8 USM?

    Hey, everybody, so I stumbled upon a good deal on the Canon EF 24-70 2.8 USM I, not II, and it has a busted zoom mechanism and bad chip cable that needs to be replaced, however, as a manual zoom on a dumb EF adapter for my Sony camera it does pretty good. I had a thought though versus buying a...
  10. Zack Birlew

    Sphere Theatre in Las Vegas - First Look

    So, we now have a look at The Sphere in Las Vegas and I'm quite surprised! For what it is, it reminds me very much of the round Omnimax theatre that used to be at Caesar's Palace. I remember going as a kid and watching some sort of space documentary there and it was really immersive and quite...
  11. Zack Birlew

    Mysterious Companies Buying Everything Up

    Anybody notice that there's a lot of companies we've never heard of buying up known brands and entities left and right lately? What is this and should we be worried? I first noticed this coming up in the videogame sphere as various IP properties started being bought, sold, and swapped around to...
  12. Zack Birlew

    $1 Million Lens Question - What To Get?

    Okay, I've been looking at some high end cine lenses to see what's out there and I found some I didn't even hear about and others I didn't even consider before. Granted there's lenses like the Sigma Art Cine lenses, Zeiss CP2/3, SLR Magic APOs, and Rokinon DS/Xeen lenses that often get discussed...
  13. Zack Birlew

    To All Brands - Cine Telephotos?

    Hi, everybody, so I've been looking at some nice PL cine lens options while waiting for VFX to render and I noticed that really aside from the oddly "occasional" 135mm by comparison, we're missing anything beyond that in the telephoto range! Looking at some of the rehousing scenes there's...
  14. Zack Birlew

    Zeiss Contax N 17-35mm Repair Question

    Hey, everybody, I saw a beat up Zeiss Contax N 17-35mm zoom and wondered how easy it was to repair, anybody know? I've had pretty good luck shining up some Contax Zeiss and legacy Zeiss lenses but when it comes to AF lenses I know it can either be really simple and not unlike a manual lens, like...
  15. Zack Birlew

    Dead Internet of Film Equipment Reviews

    Hi, everybody, in my recent searches I have taken interest in everything from Contax Zeiss lenses, classic and current PL lenses, geared heads, anamorphics, 2/3" B4 lenses, to legacy cinema cameras used in the early to mid 2000's like the Sony F35 and Arri D20/D21 and even just reviews on...
  16. Zack Birlew

    Lens Expanders & Reducers - FF>S35 and S35>FF - Reviews

    Hi, everybody, after noting in the Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic thread about their use with Laowa's own 1.4x Full Frame Expander to work on FF35 cameras, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a post about the use of lens expanders and reducers to jump back and forth between Super 35mm...
  17. Zack Birlew

    Laowa 28-75 & 75-180mm 2.9 Zooms

    Hi, everybody, so this review article just dropped from Newsshooter.com and I can't help but be impressed by these lenses as they tick a lot of boxes compared to much pricier cine zooms, especially considering 77mm filter threads for potential adapter add-ons, particularly anamorphic adapters...
  18. Zack Birlew

    F-Zero Camera - 8x10 DOF Adapter

    Okay, this is pretty cool! It's basically a similar design to a recent large format video experiment project on Youtube by DIYPerks, while it's not exactly an 8x10 camera it can get you a similar DOF and overall look using virtually any camera or even your phone. While I have experimented with...
  19. Zack Birlew

    The Sphere Big Sky Camera - 18K 120fps RAW

    Alright, another development in the beyond 8K movement! I know they've been working on this "Big Dome" in town here in Las Vegas for a while now so I'm interested to see how it all turns out as they now have their own 18K 120fps RAW camera system to go with it. Now, this begs the question as to...
  20. Zack Birlew

    16K TVs - Whether You Like It Or Not

    Hey, everybody, I couldn't help but notice this clip that popped up in my Youtube feed today, a 16K 110" TV on display! As some have downplayed my requests in other threads for RED to aim for beyond even 12K, here's what I'm talking about, the tech is coming on fast for increased resolution...