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  1. Phil Holland

    Sirui Saturn anamorphic

    PL works with all of those systems via appropriate mounts and adapters.
  2. Phil Holland

    Which adapter is best for connecting a Canon FD to a Canon EOS?

    FD to EF requires an adapter with an optic. If possible it's better to convert them to EF mount. There are still 3 companies who offer kits for this. Also on ebay for that matter.
  3. Phil Holland

    Indie Film - SIGMA CINE 5 lens Set, or OTUS 3 lens set. ??????????

    That sounds like S35. I think in this case you'll find more focal length flexibility on the Sigmas. Particularly if they are the Cine version.
  4. Phil Holland

    Indie Film - SIGMA CINE 5 lens Set, or OTUS 3 lens set. ??????????

    What format are you shooting?
  5. Phil Holland

    New Forum Software

    Spicy! I dig it.
  6. Phil Holland

    RED ever going to make Viewfinder for RAPTOR

    With Jarred's tease this evening.... It appears there will be three options now for DSMC3 EVFs: - RED DSMC3 EVF (unknown release, but I suspect it's above in the picture) - RED DSMC2 EVF via DSMC3 Adapter A (likely the smallest decent OLED solution) - 3rd Party EVFs via SDI
  7. Phil Holland

    Canon CN-R RF Mount Cine Primes

    I've mentioned it, we knew it was coming, and we've seen a light dabbling of dedicated mirrorless mount cinema glass. But here's the new Canon CN-R Primes https://www.newsshooter.com/2023/09/12/canon-cn-r-rf-mount-cine-primes-announced/ If they are based on the RF L series primes, (of which...
  8. Phil Holland

    Komodo 6K S35 1.7.5 Firmware Update - Release Build

    For those um... patiently waiting for the OG Komodo to get some rather big love in that release build sort of fashion, he's the big hug. KOMODO 1.7.5 SIGNIFICANT CHANGES SINCE BUILD 1.6.5 * Added ELQ R3D Quality * Added support for KOMODO MONOCHROME * Added support for RED RF TO PL ADAPTER W/...
  9. Phil Holland

    RED RF to PL eND Mount Quick First Look

    At the XR Studios event this evening (great event), I got my first real hands-on look at this new mount, which should answer a bunch of questions. Firstly, this is the same tech that's in the Raptor XL camera which I have tested thoroughly. Rather than built into the body, you have a mount with...
  10. Phil Holland

    Phil's Komodo-X Diaries

    Much like I did for the OG Komodo launch, I'm going to post some notes along the way. Won't go as hard as I'm currently on a project, but I'll keep it to the most critical things. This will be a repository that will likely have some info ending up in a sticky or whatever. I'll try to be...
  11. Phil Holland

    RED Komodo-X

    I dipped into Scott Balkum's livestream today, which he does every Friday nearly, and was treated to Jarred not only stopping by, but also:
  12. Phil Holland

    Official RED RF to PL Mount

    Jarred just posted it and I can now talk about testing it a few weeks back. But here it is. The new RF to PL Mount and she's a beauty. This is available for both Raptor and Komodo. Strong, Shimmable, Hybrid Titanium construction (good for wild weather), and yes 4 tabs when it's tricky to get...
  13. Phil Holland

    R3D Transcoding, Rendering, and Exporting (with a smidge of playback)

    Here's a copy of what I blasted on Facebook last night in regards to the latest and greatest hardware versus camera solutions today with some notes about some incoming codecs and such. Definitely a stream of conscious post, but perhaps useful for those with older or not-so-older hardware...
  14. Phil Holland

    DSMC3 Updates (Raptor and Komodo )

    A lot gets lost in the hay and day to day chatter, but I feel compelled to make a post to touch on a few topics as things are looking to shape up in a variety of directions. Jarred just dropped a tease for a 1st party RED PL Mount as well as the RED PL ND Mount that will be compatible with...
  15. Phil Holland

    V-RAPTOR Release Build 1.3.4 September 27, 2022

    New release build that features many of previous beta features. https://www.red.com/download/v-raptor-firmware SIGNIFICANT CHANGES SINCE RELEASE 1.2.7 Added ELQ R3D Quality Added RED CONNECT (BETA) - Full Resolution Live R3D Streaming (See Operational Notes Below) Added AF Improvements Added...
  16. Phil Holland

    RED V-Raptor 8K VV XL - Spec Sheeet

    RED has published a very detailed spec sheet for V-Raptor 8K VV XL. Critically important things that have been either theory or guesses that are now confirmed are: - Wireless Genlock and Timecode via ACN - Internal Electronic Neutral Density (ND) with mechanical swap to Clear 2-7 stop...
  17. Phil Holland

    philmColor July 2022 Update - ARRI AWG4/LogC4 Support and 3 New Output Transforms

    Hello all, Just updated philmColor with a few new goodies. Mainly adding support for ARRI's new color science of AWG4/LogC4 found in the Alexa 35. Also, I've created 3 new philmColor IPP2 Output Transforms. philmColor.com New Output Transforms The new Output Transforms are ALP, ASP, and...
  18. Phil Holland

    V-RAPTOR Beta Build 1.3.1 June 30, 2022

    Big, big beta update for V-Raptor filmmakers. https://www.red.com/download/v-raptor-firmware-beta Some very much requested features like a new lower data rate ELQ REDCODE RAW Setting, very boot friendly and persistant timecode, super useful DSMC3 monitor upgrade via firmware once you upgrade...
  19. Phil Holland

    1080p vs 4k

    I have enjoyed some table tennis style conversations with Steve on this topic for a while. But start here: https://phfx.com/tools/optimalViewing/ I've done the tests for over 2 decades. I worked with the Academy and THX back in the day on this subject. We've conducted blind comparisons on 3X...
  20. Phil Holland

    REDCINE-X PRO - V60.0.17 Beta 1

    RCX gets a mighty fine and welcomed update in particular for Apple Mac OSX users. Windows https://www.red.com/download/redcine-x-pro-win-beta Mac https://www.red.com/download/redcine-x-pro-mac-beta Key bits: Added: Support using Metal for GPU decode and image processing on Mac. Enhanced...