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  1. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [FS]Teradek ACE 500 HDMI Wireless TX/RX

    Teradek ACE 500 HDMI Wireless TX/RX kit Works with Teradek Bolt500 series Price: 900€ (Net price, VAT EU invoice). Located in Poland.
  2. Rafal Szermanowicz

    GEMINI Mini-Mag corrupted files issue

    I have a strange problem with my GEMINI. For some time, let's say in the middle of the shooting day, it suddenly stops recognizing the MINI-MAG drive and reports the need to format it. After using RED Undead, it manages to recover the files, but it's starting to worry me. I am using 4 MINI-MAG...
  3. Rafal Szermanowicz

    DSMC2 Gemini Genlock issue

    I am having trouble syncing the external Genlock signal with my Gemini. I followed the instructions in the manual and used a brand new RED 3BNC-to-00 Sync Cable (790-0643). However, when I plug in the BMD Mini Converter Sync Generator, it cannot receive the signal. Interestingly, everything...
  4. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [FS: GEAR] Wooden Camera (244400) UFF-1 Universal Follow Focus (Base)

    Included in the kit are 5 gear attachments: .5 mod for Canon ENG .6 mod for Fujinon ENG .8 mod small diameter for Cinema Lenses .8 mod large diameter for Cinema Lenses Friction Gear for DSLR lenses Included Items: 1x Adjustable Bridge with Rod Clamps 1x Hand Wheel 1x Hard Stop Disc 2x...
  5. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [WTB] Arri FF-4

    Looking for an Arri FF-4 with BA-2 (for 19mm rods). BA-3 (for 15mm Rods). Preferably EU located
  6. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [FS: RED Cameras] DSMC2 RED DRAGON-X 6K Camera package

    DSMC2 RED DRAGON-X Camera package 1st owner, purchased in April 2019 - Creativetools (Poland). RED Dragon-X 6K brain (700h) - 9460€ NANUK Camera Case - 275€ 1x V-lock SWIT 290Wh - 380€ G-Technology Card Reader - 84€ RED DSMC2 Side Handle - 740€ RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7' - 1260€ RED Base...
  7. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [(RED) WTB] EUROPE - RED DSMC 5’’ LCD Touchscreen

    I’m looking for a RED 5” LCD Touchscreen. Europe only. VAT EU invoice preferably.
  8. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [FS: RED Gear] RED MAG 1.8" 2x128GB, 1x240GB

    2x RED MAG 1.8" Mini-Mag 128GB - 350€ /pcs 1x RED MAG 1.8" Mini-Mag 240GB - 700€ Invoice 0%VAT EU Location: Poland
  9. Rafal Szermanowicz

    [FS: RED Cameras] RED ONE MX + equipment EUROPE/POLAND

    -RED ONE MX body -RED CF MODULE -RED EVF + cable 10ft -PL MOUNT -BIRGER CANON EF MOUNT + power cables -RED BASE PRODUCTION PACK -RED POWER SUPPLY -CABLES -XLR to miniXLR cables x2 -4x RED CF 16GB -RED MAG CF READER + cables -ElementTechnica BNC VideoBreak out Box -2x RED BRICK + 2x BEBOB V140 +...
  10. Rafal Szermanowicz

    Music Videos shot on RED in Poland

    Hi. Grupa #13 is a dynamic Polish TV & Film production company. We produce : music videos, tv commercials, 2D and 3D animation, training and corporate videos, documentaries, films. In 2009 we have started shooting our productions on RED with Cooke s4i lenses. Here you can check our latest...