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  • Hey all, just changed over the backend after 15 years I figured time to give it a bit of an update, its probably gonna be a bit weird for most of you and i am sure there is a few bugs to work out but it should kinda work the same as before... hopefully :)
Phil Holland
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  • Hi Phil , Iv'e never been able to get the link to work of your raw Komodo test footage . Would you happen to still have a working link please ?
    Thad Pryor
    Thad Pryor
    I figured it out myself...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJCHx7mZEKo

    People use m.2 and NVME interchangeably but in a technical since they are physically different. Connectors/pins are different. Almost everyone selling these type of drives seem to do this smh.
    Hey Phil,
    Hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you here.
    Quick question. I have production using a Raptor starting next week. Excited to test it out. I communicated to them that my understanding was that it was the cleanest red sensor yet, and probably their best low light sensor.
    Without being able to test it, they’re concerned about not having a Gemini for low light stuff.
    Just from your experience so far, would you be confident using the Raptor in place of the Gemini for low light stuff? I know you do lots of tests and probably haven’t had the chance to compare everything yet with the camera being so new, however, I would absolutely appreciate your ‘eyeball test’ on this one if you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts.
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