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  1. #1 Glitch exporting RED sequences from Premiere Pro 
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    Hi there, I've been having this issue for ages and I can't solve it.

    If I have a project shot with RED and I edit it up in Premiere Pro, I regularly get random red frames happening. They show up in both the program view and the exported files, regardless of the export format. There is no clear pattern as to why it happens, when it will happen or which shots it happens with. I can render / export and it will happen in a new spot each time.

    Has anyone had this problem before? Is there a solve?

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    Hi Grace,

    This is certainly an odd issue, I'm sorry you're experiencing this!

    RED Support hasn't received any reports of this particular issue. Are you seeing this when exporting via REDCINE-X PRO as well? If so, and we recommend submitting a ticket at so we can troubleshoot with you further.

    If you are only experiencing this with Adobe Premiere, we certainly encourage you to contact Adobe directly for further support.
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    Looks like a GPU related issue. Try as said above in a different program, then also another computer. But my guess is that its related to the gpu of your computer. you could also try to turn off Cuda acceleration to see if its the gpu thats faulty.
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