Thread: RED doesn't save last settings when shutting down the camera.

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  1. #1 RED doesn't save last settings when shutting down the camera. 
    So evertime when Iím shooting I change the settings like the whitebalance/resolution/frame etc.
    And when Iím shutting down the camera and reboot. all settings have been changed again. It seems that the camera doesnít save the last settings.

    Iíve been looking everywhere but canít find a solution.

    Anyone has a solution? Thanks!
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    It should. My guess is your internal battery is dead which isn't user replaceable, or you have some wonky bug going on. Try doing a couple of things:

    With the camera on, hold down the power button for like 20 seconds. That will reset to settings to factory default, then see if that fixes things. if not, do a firmware refresh. If those don't work, you'll probably have to send the cam in.
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    Thanks for the reply! The battery is indeed dead, I'll have it repaired.
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