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  1. #1 Gemini Kit. 368 hours. Awesome setup with lots of accessories! 
    1x Red Gemini. Purchased as an upgrade option to the EPIC-W and used sparingly. I do a lot of outdoor filming but I kept this for mostly indoor use.

    **NOTE: The Body is in great shape other than the 1/8 audio input port. It doesnít seem to be working. I havenít tried to trouble shoot. It may be an easy fix. Everything else works great. I'm happy to demonstrate over FaceTime.

    1x RED DSMC2 S35 AL Canon Lens Mount
    1x RED Leica M Mount (never used, basically new)
    1x Red 1tb minimag
    1x Red 512 gb minmag
    1x RED DSMC2 Side handle.
    1x RED DSMC2 Outrigger Handle (as new, never opened)
    1x Red 7.0 inch touch (DMSC1 version, Iíve used this monitor for a few years on several different cameras so there is scuffing and scratch marks but it is usable. Comes with a couple cables and the red adapter to use with DMSC2 bodies.
    1x Red minimag USB-C reader
    1x Red minimag USB 3.0 reader
    1x Wooden Camera baseplate
    1x Wooden Camera quick plate.
    1x Wooden camera cheesplate handle (I sawed it short so that it will fit with v mount batteries)
    1x RED DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
    1x RED Jetpack for clipping v mounts to your belt. I have only used this once with a Dragon body and had some issues so I've not used it since.

    Just guessing but I probably spent around 33,000 for all of this including tax. Selling for 20,000 minus $500 for the 1/8 audio. = 19,500 USD.
    I'm located in Kansas City. I'll ship anywhere in the USA.

    Reach out with any questions. Thank you.
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    Bump. Open to offers. Thank you.
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