Thread: Can someone explain to me the appeal of James Haver?

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  1. #1 Can someone explain to me the appeal of James Haver? 
    I'll admit I'm a few years over the hill (64), but having just watched James Haver's "Pretend that you love me," I am quite surprised at its popularity. The film has been wildly praised on YouTube. One person I talked to said it was "the most poetic and cinematic film" of the past several decades. I found it almost unwatchable with respect to cinematography and sound. Is that its appeal? Is anti-craft the new "in"?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could fill me in.


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    Just watched it on Youtube.

    I don't think the anti-craft aspect of the film, in the technical sense you're referring to, is a big part of its appeal. At the same time, I'd say it does play a big part in the film's accessibility and is also crucial to how it's told, to the point where it couldn't really have been made otherwise.

    I think the Youtube comments give a good indication of the reasons for the film's general popularity and for the appeal of its creator to that audience.
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