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    What is the BEST Film Equipment finance entity and why... A friend wants to finance some high-end camera equipment, is there anyone in particular that you all know and love...
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    Outside of Canon(used them once when they had 0% offer on their primes many years ago), Iíve always gone with a local bank that my family had a long standing relationship with, both business wise and personally. Although, thatís harder and harder to do in todayís world...

    Talk to the dealer. A lot of times they have relationships with finance companies that specialize in financing our gear, since most regular banks donít accept it as collateral. But be prepared to feel like a criminal with a credit score of 4 that canít even buy a pack of bubble gum, even if your credit is perfect and youíre making six-figures a year. I was looking into financing my first VariCam years ago with an equipment finance company that specialized in production equipment and it was still a complete PITA that drug out for like two weeks. I finally got completely fed-up with them, made a call to the bank that made the loans for my first two Betacamís and had a cashiers check in my hand in two hours.
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    I've financed a bunch of stuff with Adele Berger at Direct Source Capital and they make the process super easy. Each time I deal with them I have my financing set up within a day or two and have the order placed.
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