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    Is the Scarlet MX DSMC1 Body capable of interchangeable OLPFs or was that only introduced on DSMC2 bodies?
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    DSMC1 Dragon (Scarlet-Dragon or Epic-Dragon) have interchangeable OLPFs, but not Scarlet-X or Epic-X.

    ...if it makes you feel any better, the MX OLPF actually performs better than any of the Dragon ones. That is to say, there are hinderances with all of the swappable OLPFs on DSMC1 Dragon -- aperture reflection "red dots" and purple orbs around light sources with LLO, excessive CMOS smear and noise with STH, and red dots and CMOS smear with STND (but to a lesser degree than red dots on LLO or CMOS smear on STH) -- whereas the DSMC1 MX OLPF was comparatively well rounded. It suffers from aperture reflection ("red dots"), but it's less prevalent than even STND on Dragon.
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    RED's "red dots" have been a "feature" of RED's cameras since the RED One!
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