Thread: The US Navy and UFOs - something is definitely going on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vance Colvig View Post
    Sounds like lighter than air drones (diragable or blimps) to me. The questions are: who deployed them and what is their purpose? Since the U.S. Navy has the technology to remove threats in the air, my guess is they be ours and not theirs (whoever they are). However I am usually wrong......just ask my wife.
    LOL But seriously I tend to agree that they are American. I have no evidence either way of course. But if they are foreign, why would a foreign nation play its hand so early?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacek Zakowicz View Post
    Apparently the aircraft carriers are defenseless against the new generation of small rockets so they have to stay too far from the war zones to be effective. Same as tanks- the Marines are liquidating their tank inventory completely as we write this... Maybe the"UFOs" are some kind of new air defense system...
    I think this makes a lot of sense. Surface vessels are too slow and too visible.
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    And we are too busy with the virus. Imagine that, there's a bigger picture.
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    The UFOs as such may simply be targets for the development of countermeasures against drone-swarm technology.
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