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    Hi, I'm selling my Helium 8k... Original owner, only scratch is on the LCD screen... everything in great condition and 190hrs total.
    Feel free to reach out for additional information and I will do my best to get back.
    List of everything is below---

    SKU#: 710-0304 W Woven CF HELIUM® 8K 1
    SKU#: 750-0084 RED MINI-MAG - USB 3.1 1
    SKU#: 730-0024 DSMC2 RED TOUCH 7.0" 1
    SKU#: 790-0523 DSMC2TM Universal Handle 1
    SKU#: 725-0026 DSMC® Al Canon Mount 1
    SKU#: 750-0090 RED MINI-MAG ® 480GB 1
    SKU#: 750-0082 RED MINI-MAG® 240GB 2
    SKU#: 790-0594 DSMC2TM Skin Tone- 1
    Highlight / Low Light
    Optimized OLPF Pack
    SKU#: 790-0678 Red Sidewinder 1
    SKU#: 720-0050 DSMC2 SIDE HANDLE 1
    SKU#: 720-0045 DSMC2 V-LOCK EXPANDER 1
    SKU#: FD-BP130SX Li-ion, V-Mount, 130wh 3
    LCD display, 14.8v Batteries
    SKU#: FC-BP2 Charging station AC 1
    SKU#: 790-0445 RED® DSMC® Bolt Kit 1
    Pelican Jason Case Foam cut-outs/zipper 1

    /Users/paulcapra/Downloads/165999993_10158388278964072_7349009152287149030_n. jpg
    /Users/paulcapra/Downloads/166023332_10158388279079072_3737196120709456361_n. jpg
    /Users/paulcapra/Documents/167400201_10158394386654072_7338621473092787413_n. jpg

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