Hey guys!

I have a complete RED LW ZOOM set for sale.

This set is quite unique because it was Made in the UK and both lenses have an active PL Mount with Cooke /i Metadata,
completely tuned to internal encoders so distances and infos match 100% to the scales.

This, coupled to the fact that lettering and small details are Cooke-ish, made many wonder
if these were indeed made by Cooke using cherry-picked Japanese optical units then tuned and rehoused in the UK.

Both are matched and quite rare having metric markings from the factory instead of imperial markings like others.

- RED PRO ZOOM 18-50 T3
- RED PRO ZOOM 50-150 T3
- Innerspace Custom Pelican case for the Zoom Set

Both lenses are lightweight, sharp and with a smooth bokeh with a very very nice highlight rendition,
both fronts are 114mm which is pretty standard and close focus is very very short which is extremely handy.

18-50 has received a full CLA by CVP in November 2019.

Genuine newer style RED caps are included.

Complete set with two*Zooms for 18-150 coverage for 8500.

Local pickup in Bologna, ITALY is welcomed to check everything,
no problem whatsoever, there are daily direct flights from all around Europe.

I can also ship WW using UPS.