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    Hello Everyone,

    I have not run into this issue in the past with 8k R3D from Monstro.

    Imported via Media Browser and all the mags with HDR have inverted images. I know I can add a flip effect to rotate it, but I that won't fix it down the line when it goes to color.

    RedCineX sees the clips this way as well, however Resolve does not. Resolve sees the proper orientation.

    Adjusting the HDR setting seems to flip it horizontally, but not vertically.
    Unchecking the Flip Vertical / Flip Horizontal boxes under frame controls in RedCine fixes it in RC, but it doesn't apply to Premiere for some reason.

    The DIT mentioned the AC may have flipped the monitor on set, so they camera thought it was upside down.

    Any suggestions? I have about 100 clips like this.
    - Ryan

    Red Monstro 8k / 6k HDRx
    Redcode 9:1

    Premiere Pro 14.7
    iMac i9 - 8c
    Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB
    12-bay Qnap 10Gbe

    RedCine Pro X 52
    Resolve Studio 16
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    Weird. I would re-firmware and/or reset the camera to default and try again. Like I'm thinking somewhere along the way the streams got cross... It's very weird that Resolve is correct and the others are not (unless Resolve has an auto-orientation function of some kind).
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    Thanks Mike!

    I was not a part of the production and do not own the camera. I don't know who does either. But will certainly pass this info down the line.

    It is so bizarre to me, as I assume it is just a mixup in the metadata somewhere. It just that the camera was told it was upside down, when it wasn't.
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    Sounds like maybe the Flip/Mirror Scan Direction feature was enabled in the camera advanced project settings.
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