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    I know its a bit of an apple vs orange question. But in a pinch which would you choose?

    For the last 5 yeares I had a Movi M5 which still works for me but is a bit of a hassel to use with my now prefered BMPCC4K setup. I.e. its to wide to pass the cage. I have moveabel counterweights on the M5 focus rods which works really good. But of course a cage wide enough to simply slide the camera where it needs to be would be nice. Also with a bit longer/heavier lenses I canít go back far enough to balance even with CM counterweight plate. The DJI has more clearance and the weight limit seems to be fine for most of my application. The M15 of course is can easyly cover a much wider range of cam/lens combinations. But is older, larger, bit more cumbersome to balance and used 1.2-1,5x the price.
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    What's important is to find what works for you. Every projects is different and familiarity and experience on a certain piece of equipment makes it easier to work with. Both gimbals have their pro's and con's. Best thing to do is to rent them and try. What we may like or prefer, may not garner any points for you to use them in your project.
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    If you can stick to renting do so.
    Those things were being updated way too fast a few years and I have friends that regret making their decisions at the time.
    Some to the point of selling at a bargain to move ahead.
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    There are a lot of Movi M15 on sale nowdays, which brings their price down, so you can get one pretty cheap, (it's still a double a price of a rs2, but I think it's acceptable). As previous owner of M10 and M15 and now as an owner of Ronin 2 and RS2, I can suggest using M10 and M15 with BMPCC 4K/6k cameras, rather than RS2, if you want to use bigger cinema lenses or zoom lenses. Getting a Movi with a ring and legs is a big pro, have that in mind, with that you don't need to worry about hanging it on the stand or putting it on the ground. Also if you try both gimbals, make sure you test majestic modes and how it feels while operating. For a lot of people Movi still has more organic move when operated in majestic/follow mode, then the Ronin.
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    Bump. Was also weighing these pros/cons of these two gimbals. The consensus seems to be that a used M15 is a better option than an RS-2 (higher weight capacity, more options/fetures, better overall gimball, etc).
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