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  1. #1 I didn't want to make this public, but... 

    JARRED LAND & The RED team replied extremely quick after I posted this. They helped me sort out the situation and I greatly appreciate it. This is really amazing customer service, Thank you to the RED team, Im very grateful.


    So I didn’t want to take this public because I don’t get any satisfaction out of bashing camera companies but this is really aggravating to me. I invested in a brand new RED Gemini package a little over a year ago.

    - One year ago I purchased a 480gb mini mag which ended up shitting the bed, this particular mag only had about 50 hrs on it and was in perfect condition. I sent the mini mag to red and the response was

    “our techs are unable to pin point the problem but here is a link to buy a new one”.

    Shooting aside, I was a camera assistant for 10 years and have seen what these mags are able to handle in the field, thousands of hours in varying conditions. My question is, in what world would anyone spend 1500$ on a hard drive that lasts 50 hrs? Personally I wouldn’t spend 50$ on something that lasted 50 hrs. It’s bad enough they have recently switched to much more affordable CFast cards but I already knew going into this company that they weren’t going to make any decisions based on helping their customers investment, I just really liked the Gemini sensor.

    Red replied and is willing to take 300$ off a new card. I told them I want a replacement.
    Am I crazy?


    RED told me I took too long to respond and considered my card Abandoned due to Terms and Services, they "consumed" my card and will not return it broken.

    This is wrong to do to a customer who invested 40K into your company. So what if I took a little longer to respond after having 4 pages of conversations, not everyone has 1500 a year to spend on new media that keeps breaking.

    Just to make this clear, I spent 1500.00 on a card that lasted 50 hrs... they're response was to throw it away to get me to buy a new one.


    I guess I can't due anything because they are clear about not wanting to help their customers.

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