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    The Red Epic Dragon that I just bought has 1500 hours on it. Is this normal amount of hours or too many hours or as a guy I know was telling me that he thought the camera is barley broken in. Any fed back would be great. Thanks
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    100 hours would be barely broken in IMO. 1500 is a used camera, but if it's been treated well you shouldn't have any concerns.
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    Whoa.. My Scarlet-W Dragon already has 2700+ hours and still going strong all these years  Very reliable camera! I think with RED, faults/build defects & errors are tend to be found during its early life hours (maybe up to 300).. So, that thousand of hours is usually a good sign it's a perfect unit built to last for years and years to come just like an industrial computer.
    The only problem with DSMC1 is maybe the dead RTC/system clock battery that you should be aware of, it won't cause a fatal error but everytime it shuts down/boots up it will lose all saved settings and time/date.
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