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  1. #1 Blackmagic Camera Update February 2021 - Pocket 6k PRO 
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    BMD has an ATEM and camera update next week!

    Fingers crossed for some VV 8k 48fps Pocket goodness (with their RGBW sensor design, obviously)... ...Though with BMD it could be a 16k VV Ursa Ultra Mini outta no where or a Pocket Mini 12k 30fps or something... Find out on:

    Blackmagic Camera Update - Feb 2021 Live Stream

    -Already mentioned a "whole new camera" in the first minute!
    -Looks like it could be another Pocket (one with EF and one with a shorter mount)?
    -Talking about the Pocket 6k history.
    -BMD Pocket 6k PRO
    -Same Sensor as Pocket 6k
    -Tiltable Screen
    -Uses NPF style battery for longer runtime
    -Built-in ND
    -BMD Pro EVF optional ($495, in stock/available now)
    -2x mini-XLR
    -BMD Battery Pro Grip (holds 2x NPF *and* keeps the int.battery... so 3x total. $145 in stock/available now)
    -$2495 on sale now, in stock!
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