Thread: Sony FX3 Leak - Sony gunning for both RED Komodo & BM Pocket series at once?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Dease View Post
    What a bummer that all I've seen of Komodo is people not knowing why its so grainy on the FB user groups.

    Seriously where is the good Komodo footage? Maybe I've seen 3 videos that sort of sold it?

    The rest is horrendous and looks like filtration is on or "vintage" lenses are used, no matter what. Why?

    Seriously a bummer I hope owners start making some good footage with it.

    I hope red as a brand steps back up.
    Maybe because the cost of Komodo makes it easier for people who can't afford a DSMC2 to start using a Red camera, which means a lot more people using it, which in turn means the percentage of bad photographers and cinematographers go up. There's plenty of really great artists working with Komodo, but they won't put all their stuff up on the Komodo FB page, because they are busy actually creating stuff for the purpose of showing it in channels not focused on camera and tech, but as a work of art or piece that should be the main focus, not the camera, or they are bound by releases as commercials or published material by other owners of that material.

    Generally, the best stuff is made by people who just don't give a shit about community bragging and social media outputs. Most things put up usually focus either on a technical breakdown or tutorial that does not have any demand on being artistically good, or it's people who are more focused on posing with the camera in hand instead of creating something worth a damn.

    As it is now, too many people bought Komodo with the cliché mentality of tech being the key to the craft instead of their knowledge. Far too many people have zero knowledge in creative lighting, composition, storytelling or any talent outside of the gear they bought. And then they're overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge you need to handle a true cinema camera compared to the AF, in-camera processing that video systems like Sony and Canon put out. This is why we see so many sell their cameras because it "wasn't for them".

    There has to be a reality check for people when it comes to buying tech. Most cameras today produce good enough images, far more capable than there are people capable of harnessing that capability. It doesn't matter if it's a Sony, Canon, Red, Arri in the hands of people who don't have knowledge in cinematography and photography, it will still look like shit. I've seen Arri LF material that looks like crappy video from 15 years ago, because the people behind the wheels didn't know anything about the creative side or how to handle the camera correctly.

    What is it you need to be sold on? That the camera is "good enough"? For what exactly? What output do you have that demands something far more capable than Komodo? Or Sony or Canon for that matter?

    I've said this many times on this forum. If you can't make good-looking images with Komodo, then it's not the camera that's the problem. People just want more and more and more without being able to handle what they already got. Personally, I don't need more than a Komodo for my work and I will probably not need anything else for a long time. Maybe if there are some revolutionary functions coming, but in terms of the image... I can do HDR 4K deliveries with a good color science easily, why do I need more than that? Why would anyone need more than that?
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    So you do indeed have one! When is the reviewer/tester embargo lifted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim D. Ghantous View Post
    So you do indeed have one! When is the reviewer/tester embargo lifted?
    Is it ever before official announcement date? In this case Feb.23.
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