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    It's been a while since my last Visit to RedUser - lot of big changes in my life, for the good and the bad;-) Anyway, I had the pleasure to shot a major Swiss feature last year in Hungary and start a second one that we will hopefully finish this may in London. I would like to share some screen grabs from my home pre-grading attempts. I must say I really love the Monstro and how it renders. I like to light according to the tone of the script, so if it's dark and spooky I will usually ramp up the iso and dimm down the light - having both the DIT and Gaffer looking at me like: "are you serious":-) Anyway I was often up to 4000iso on the night shots and I am soooooo happy with the results - The DIT said he has never shot that high ISOs (and he's usually on the big budget jobs and mostly Arri Cams) But that the Monstro surprised him and he now thinks differently of the RED;-). THX RED, love the Camera!

    PS: added a little grain, was just too clean otherwise;-)
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    Those stills look gorgeous. Congratulations!
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    Good to hear from you again Brian. And yes, Monstro is KING.

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    Monstro Rules , without a doubt!
    Sérgio Perez

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    Good to see your Brian. Nice frames! And totally agree.
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    Wellcome back!

    Yes Monstro is the beast. Only the braves have a clue how powerful it is. ;-) Nices picts btw
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    Nice work! I would like to see a little higher resolution images, other than that, looks great!
    Patrick Webb,
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    I personally would not go above 3200 ISO but I agree with everything you say. I love my Monstro and it really is a beast.
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    These look great. Got a Monstro a few weeks ago as well. I was blown away by my test shots so far. I can't wait to use it on a real gig.
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