Okay, ladies and germs.

I spent the better part of two years handpicking this pristinely flawless glass.

I've decided, however, between the 12 lens set of Leica R's and 10 Lens set of canon FD's, I already have enough full frame vintage glass.

Sad 2 see this go but happy 2 see someone make some movies with them. This is the perfect movie set.

I had them finished up maybe 6 months ago but they have never been used.

The doner glass has landed softly in GL Optics Mk IV housings.

The going retail rate on this set would be $75,300.00

However, if you have some interest, shoot me an email, let's make a deal ;)

Here are some photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UVavpeu2pE6LrCDQ7

14mm T2.9:6000 USD
15mm T3.6: 5500 USD
18mm T2.9: 5500 USD
24mm T2.1: 5000 USD
28mm T1.5: 6000 USD
28mm T2.1: 5000 USD
35mm T1.5: 5500 USD
50mm T1.3: 5200 USD
55mm T1.3: 5000 USD
58mm T1.3: 8500 USD (Noct)
85mm T1.5: 5800 USD
105mm T1.9: 4500 USD
135mm T2.1: 4000 USD
180mm T2.9: 3800 USD