Located in Melbourne Australia.

The elusive legend and most exciting purchase of my life has finally arrived...

But Iíve already gone a different direction with a DSMC2 Gemini, so this baby dragon needs a new home.

I have an unopened, brand new RED Komodo for sale. Rare as hens teeth. You can pick this camera up today (if you live in Melbourne).

Took so long to arrive that Iíve gone a completely different direction now.

Ordered directly from RED early October with GST and import duties paid on import. Plus the currency conversion, shipping and a few heavy doses of credit card interest to boot.
Not cheap.

But it is here, and it is ready for a new home!

This is an absolute beast of a camera with incredible image quality and Netflix approval for the price, and accordingly orders are backlogged until approximately July.

I ordered this camera forever ago.

Pick up and inspections in Collingwood, Victoria. Or I can post.

Ill accept PayPal if buyer pays fees.

Accepting offers over $9k AUD to cover all costs.

I am selling a load of gear to cover other debts right now so keep your eyes peeled.