Hi All,

We are selling out RED DSMC2 Gemini Kit. Everything is in excellent condition and has been kept well. Looking for a new home for this!

Camera is located in London, looking for 18,000 ex vat, can ship anywhere.

List of kit included -

. DSMC PL & EF Mount.

. DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander.

. DSMC2 Red Touch 4.7" LCD.

. DSMC2 Low light OLPF / DSMC2 Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF / DSMC2 Standard OLPF.

. Wooden Camera 15mm rod system.

. Red top handle

. Wooden Camera A-Box.

. Red Mini-Mag - 1x 120GB / 1x 480GB

. Red Mini-Mag station.

. Wooden Camera pass through top plate

. Wooden Camera right side cheese plate.

Let me know if interested can send pictures.