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  1. #1 Red Scarlet-W + accessories in EU / Italy 
    Great condition RED SCARLET-W DSMC2 for sale! Low hours.


    Florence, Italy.
    Pickup and local inspection would be great but i can also ship worldwilde.

    Cash, wire transfer, Paypall (we have to check the fees).

    Reason for selling:
    I have also a Gemini and lately i don't shoot so much stuff with two camera at the same time.

    The kit include:
    - RED SCARLET-W DRAGON 5K brain DSMC2 (approx 500h)
    1 x Canon EF MOUNT
    1 x Standard OLPF
    1 x Wooden camera calble-less V-mount

    I can also add to the kit (for a little extra price):
    - Zacuto Cinema Recoil Pro (used less than 10 times)
    - Mattebox TILTA MB-T05
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    Need to seel it fast!
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    Hi Niccolo. I might be interested in this one. No screen or media that you can throw in the deal?
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    Hi Peter,
    i have a 7" Red monitor and some mag but i'll keep using them on the Gemini.
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    No worries Niccolò. I am just looking for a complete package. So good luck selling this nice set :)
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    Price drop
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    Sent you a DM 3 days ago
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    Price drop
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