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    If you mount the camera 90 degree turned, the back towards the tilt axis the tilt will become a roll.
    I do it all the time with the Kessler Cinedrive head, same concept 2 axis head that keeps the rotation in the nodal point.
    The zhiyun crane s will also work if you can keep the size of yor rig down.
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    If you look way, way, way back in my posts you'll see my general solution for such things.

    I rig the camera in a cage. Then mount a baseplate or dovetail clamp on the side.

    Exactly a 90 degree rotation and fairly straight forward.

    I'm certain I've posted a few rigs, but here's the Scarlet-X one I did in *gasp* 2012.
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    For the vertical orientation you can simply mount the camera on it's ribs, if you have ones in your cage. If you want a rotating shot with centered optical axis, the proper way to do it is to use the Cartoni Total Dutch Head. There are some other ways to make it, using Movi head or Ronin head, but the optical axis is not going to match. You can match it using counterweights on gimbals, but usually it is not worse the hassle.

    Also Cartoni has a couple other solutions with their heads to fix the camera at various angles.
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    Ive got a Red R90 for sale. If you need to shoot horizontal and vertical and move fast there is nothing better.
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    I should have one somewhere, email me at
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    For low budget, every gimbal head might do the job...? Maybe you need to tinker a bit?
    As Martin Konrad said, you would just need to mount the camera in the right direction, so that the tilt axis would become the roll axis.

    If you have the money, I think Movcam's "Helm" Stabilizing System could help you:

    If you need to do the exact same camera move several times, another affordable option would be eMotimo ST4.
    When a tilt axis is also needed, you would just have to mount ST4 sideways to a massive L-bracket and the pan/tilt(or roll) axes become tilt/roll axes. When mounted this way you would also have more space to get the sensor centered (see DSMC2 form factor - Komodo would be the better choice in this case anyway). This MoCo head can move fast enough for your purpose, i think. Just be aware of the supported weight limit of 15lbs.
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