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    I want to use my DSMC quick release plate with the Komodo expander module. Is this possible? It looks like it is being used in this picture.
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    You have to remove the rear 3/8-16 screw and it works. But probably the wrong height for rods unless you raise it with something (like the expander box shown).
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    Hey Travis - I just got the Komodo production package and I'm wondering how to configure it with the expander module to work with rods / baseplate etc. Did you ever figure it out? My friends are advising me just to sell it.


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    It should work, it should be standard screw holes.

    The only thing I've realized with the quick release plate, when using it without the expander module, is that the height of the camera is so low it's impossible to put anything like a follow focus or matte box on it. So I'm not sure the expander module rises the camera up properly or if you need a riser plate for it.
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