Thread: IRND/Hot Mirror needed for Scarlet MX? + Filter Reccomendations

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  1. #1 IRND/Hot Mirror needed for Scarlet MX? + Filter Reccomendations 
    I recently got a Scarlet MX and am in need of some 4x5.65 ND filters. I'm planning on getting a .9, 1.2, and a 1.5.

    Do I need to buy a hot mirror/IRND filter? If so, which ones do you recommend for the Scarlet MX?

    I'd prefer a separate hot mirror/IR filter so I don't have to use them when I switch camera systems, but if IR/hot mirrors don't affect the image of a camera which doesn't need it, then I'm fine with combined hot mirror/IRND filters. I am also in need of a standard 4x5.65 ND filter (I have no filters as of yet), so all recommendations are much appreciated. Looking to spend less than $300 per filter.

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    I've been using Firecrest for the past 4 years I think. But the Tiffen's are cheaper.
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    Maybe a tad late to the party, but yes - the Mysterium X sensor suffers from IR pollution. Usually I use Arri FSND, or NISI ND filters. Both are clean from pollution and provide good color. While FSND are the best ones I've met, NiSi are good also. Firecrest also are a popular solution.

    ALSO, there's a Breakthrough Filters Direct Filter Mount coming up around the corner, might be a better solution.
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