Hello, I will be at LA for a few days till 24th of December and I would like to sell or trade in my Angenieux Optimo 17-80 F2.2 PL mount Zoom Lens.
I have bought it from Keslow before pandemic and has been checked at Duclos.
It has an Geckocam Optimo handle which was around 900 usd I bought from CVP London.
Unluckily Due to pandemic I didnt quite use this perfect glass according to my changing conditions, just used it twice.
I would like to trade in +cash for Ultra Prime Set, Atlas Orion set, cash or other serious offers for swap.
You can see the pictures as well as Duclos service report of the lens on the google drive

Angenieux Optimo 17-80 F2.2 PL Mount Zoom Lens Pictures

Duclos Service Report

Please dont hesitate to get in touch with me for serious inquiries before 20th of December please

Kind Regards