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    Hey, Is it still a good choice to go for a Weapon Helium CF in 2020/2021? Good a good offer for a full package.

    Or should I invest in a new Gemini?
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    It's a pretty subjective choice, but I think (anecdotally) most people prefer Gemini at this point. It's a bigger/taller sensor (17:9, instead of 1.9:1), has the LL mode, and the general consensus is that the DR is "better" because it has substantially bigger photosites (aka bigger buckets to collect light in). Secondary benefits include being better for anamorphic (because of the taller sensor) and offering a higher/full-sensor frame rate (because it's only 5k).

    That said, you lose the futureproofing of meeting the 8k standard, you can't reframe as well (because it's only 5k), and stills are comparatively weak at ~14mp. Helium also tends to lean quite green when pushed (and no, it can't 100% be removed via tint slider). I guess the balance would be just how much of a deal the Helium is (after all, it retails for *more* than Gemini)...

    My thinking is (again subjective/take with a grain of salt) if the resolution is important to you, you may want to take a serious look at the BMD12k (which is less expensive than either RED option). It can do 12k/60 and full-sensor 8k/120 at 3:1, and in a lot of ways it's braw/media is actually better than r3dcode for higher resolution (ironic, I know). The problem is you're basically locked into Resolve, since it only shoots braw outside of 4k (and support for braw in other NLEs still isn't ubiquitous).
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    I dunno man, I'm in the minority I guess but I think the Helium looks far better than the Gemini. I bought a Dragon X over the Gemini and now looking for a Helium. The Gemini just looks too clean and closer to video than the either the Dragon or Helium sensor
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