Thread: H1 for monitoring or iphone only for now?

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  1. #1 H1 for monitoring or iphone only for now? 
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    Hey all.
    So a used Hydrogen one runs about $150 on ebay.
    Is there a benefit with buying an H1 vs a iphone or newer android?
    Currently using a S-20+ and would rather not switch to ios.
    I'd like to use a phone as a display because of the smaller form factor and app control.
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    We haven't seen RED Link too much in action yet, but I suspect soon. It should be a wired likely near zero latency feed on Android and IOS devices.

    I needed to move over to 5G phone recently, but I do plan on having the Hydrogen One as a dedicated interface on Komodo.

    Don't think there's any unique features that other current Android devices can do.

    And on a side note, Jarred did tease the Android version of RED Control recently. Hoping that drops relatively soon. It's working great on IOS. And I suspect is going to be very useful for people looking to certain things like timelapse and such. We'll have to see.
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