Selling my Scarlet-W brain along with a bunch of other RED accessories that make it super easy to use.
Willing to sell in pieces or remove certain things from the package price. Location is now in Los Angeles, CA and can negotiate shipping.
Price for everything is $12,000.

RED DSMC2 Scarlet-W 5k Brain
RED 4.7 Touch Monitor
RED Base I/O Expander
RED EF Mount
RED 120GB Mini Mag
RED 480GB Mini Mag (2)
RED Mini Mag Reader w/ USB-C
RED Multitool
RED Brick V-Mount Battery (2)
RED Top Handle (2)

Teradek DSMC2 Bolt 500
SmallHD Focus 7 Bolt 500 RX

WC DSMC2 Side Plate
WC DSMC2 Side Handles (2)
WC DSMC2 Pass Through Top Plate
WC DSMC2 Easy Riser
WC DSMC2 LW 15mm Bracket
WC DSMC2 Tool-less LCD/EVF Adapter
WC Pogo Male/Female LCD/EVF Cable
WC V-Mount Battery Plate

Core SWX V-Mount Battery (2)
Core V-Mount Charger
LCD Sunshade
18 15mm rods
AC Adapter

Photos can be found here: