Hello community,

As title says, Iím looking for affordable 80mm lens caps. Iím currently building a set of Contax Zeiss lenses.

Iíve heard good things about Cordvision caps (https://www.cordvision.com/shop/80mm...onally-marked/) but at 25 USD (+ 5 with engraved design), itís a bit expensive.
Also, I live in Spain and apparently shipping would be 25USD on top of everything...

I also found these caps from a store in Berlin (https://www.fotoimpex.com/cameras-ac...che=1600859366). Much more affordable. However, I sent them an email and they said the caps are made out of plastic, while I thought cine caps are made of rubber. (Sorry if Iím getting confused, Iím still new to the cinema world hehe). These canít be engraved apparently.

So if anyone has any recommendations, especially in Europe, Iíd appreciate it. :)

Greetings from Spain!


PS: and in regards of 80mm step up rings, I ordered some cheap ones from China. Weíll see how good they are, if not, that may be another thing to look for...