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  1. #1 Komodo Confirmation Email replay info? 
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    So i had gotten the komodo email which asked us to reply cc'ing Clark and putting the header as "White Komoto Confirmation"

    I did just that, and replied back to Jarred and Clark with the heading almost immediately after the Email went out, however haven't received a reply back from Clark or Jarred, has anyone else?

    Im just trying to make sure that I didn't screw up responding, if others got replies and I didn't then that means I might have to reply again or something...

    Is everyone else in the same boat and just waiting for a reply from Clark?
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    It’s Monday morning. Let them have some coffee.

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    It's probably too early in the day, heck the week even!
    Consider that some of the people in that mail list have yet to check their accounts.

    Just as well, some may want to get one of the few Bye Bye Blue, so these will be handled first.

    Given the timing of this operation I won't be anywhere near my home address until next week, so I gave up that chance at the Bye Bye Blue as I won't be able to give it the attention it deserves and went for that first Stormtrooper.

    If we don't hear from Clark, we might start worrying some time mid-next week, as that's when things will start lining up for the Stormtroopers...

    But I am confident that if we got that first email and even vaguely followed the instructions outlined, then we shouldn't worry. ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    It’s Monday morning. Let them have some coffee.
    Not only Monday morning, but he started this thread at what would have been 5:47am in CA. No telling how much earlier he replied to the email.
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    I would say give them till the END of the week.... seriously. They will have a lot to organize and it's not efficient to send reply's back one at a time. At least I can say from experience getting my Houdini H1. Also, if you read the email they won't be shipping for a couple of weeks anyway.


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    I'm in a similar boat but a tad different. I had emailed jarred on Thursday about the baby blue and never got a response. When I saw the Instagram from Saturday i replied to him saying i never received a response then he emailed me back saying i was "added" and then confirmed im good to go on a instagram reply. After looking on the fb forums for komodo and here, I am seeing a lot of "reply all ,cc clark and change the subject line" threads but I never received any of those details from him. Granted it was 11PM Est when he replied.. and im sure he was inundated with a ton of emails.. so i get it.

    Could someone tell me the TDLR on what the normal email said? what's included and when to expect to pay for the stormtrooper... assuming, I'm good to go that is. Also long time lurker and my first post.. so go easy on me.. - looking forward to getting the Komodo!
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    Will the stormtroopers will be available on REDs site? I heard there making a few for the site and authorized dealers or is this false? I was going to wait till the normal black ones but I also heard that won't be till late September. I don't know if that's true or not but now I'm kinda thinking maybe I should go with stormtrooper.
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    Here's a quote from Jarred's email.

    "We will do a very limited run of white cameras for and some of our very special dealers to ship out through August. Then that is the end for the white cameras."
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    I would bet that the response was much greater than expected and they are just now sorting out how to fulfill all the orders. They will get back to you, as I said they probably have over 1k orders considering all the interest I've seen only here on REDUser. Let alone all the others who have been watching on the sidelines.
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    You guys are crazy. I bet we don't hear anything until the July 6th deadline... You know, when they said they would reach out to us. Even for those lucky enough to get a Bye Bye Blue Komodo, assuming they don't just do a larger run due to popular demand, don't plan on hearing any earlier. For those of you outside the US, also be advised everything will be closed up for sure this next weekend for July 4/ Independence Day. Some businesses are also taking Friday as well.

    So sit back. Enjoy your week. Relax.
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