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    Does anyone have a RRencode license? I just received a red ray and I’m researching that I need this program In order to play stuff on the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert H Chapman View Post
    Does anyone have a RRencode license? I just received a red ray and I’m researching that I need this program In order to play stuff on the device.
    I do believe each RED RAY is licensed to a legal user.
    Ours is in the dust bin now.
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    Really, so even you can't read the RED files for the REDRAY? That sucks that they lost total support for this device. What are you doing with the dusty RR
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    It was a device of the time really. When REDRAY was around and alarmingly useful on the market 4K playback boxes, especially anywhere near that price point were really just not there yet. The codec itself was nice and more or less like a DCP playback box for content. These days though, there's a million cheaper and more efficient boxes. Plus 4K has been refined down to a single HDMI cable long ago.

    Mine is in my closet, but it's still in the case I used to demo content around the world to snatch up clients years ago.
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    Not sure what I’m going to do with my RedRay player... I never had success getting it to work well. It only liked to play [somewhat] reliably with my Samsung F9000 55” and the 60” LG I had at my office. Would never work reliably with my Sony projector that I needed it to work with... It did serve the purpose of letting me play 4K out to the LG for a few clients. And then as soon as all the other 4K playback options showed up, I put it on a shelf in the storage room....

    The design, in terms of outputs, really didn’t make sense to me. Having audio output only via HDMI was maddening. The HDCP handshaking was always buggy on the unit and led to most of the compatibility issues. That never got fixed and the player fizzled into a memory as people starting using their PCs, Rokus, Sony players, etc..

    I’d probably let my RedRay go to someone who wants it. Not sure about the status of the RR license or where that sits now.
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    I believe you can still sign into RR V42 to enable it. I would love to chat about how I could try it out. If you have that log in. IDK what else to do to get that format
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    same, mine is in my closet :)
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