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  1. #1 Can't see new posts on this thread - possible page limit? 
    Hello everyone,

    I posted a response on the Schneider Xenon Thread and I can neither see my post nor the responses to it. You can view the thread here: I have tried different browser and deleted my cache, so I don't think the issue is on my side. The thread is at a 100 pages and 1000 posts, so perhaps there is some limit in place?

    Very curious to the responses, so I would really appreciate a hint to whats going on :)
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    Senior Member Tommaso Alvisi's Avatar
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    Yeah I noticed it too...
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    Yeah, but I feel like this must have happened before? Like surely there are other threads with this many pages? Any of the mods perhaps care to chime in?
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    Same experience here. Getting the email notifications as I'm subscribing to the thread, but last posts visible are from 2016...

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    Interesting Michael - the last response I am seeing is from 2015 (Guido Fillipi 11-16-2015, 03:40 PM) - are you seeing more? Btw, if you click the users that have commented you can see the beginning of their posts on their profiles, but the thread shows nothing.. So posts are definitely there, just not shown in the thread.
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    Moderator Phil Holland's Avatar
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    Don't know what's up with that thread, but it seems I can't see past post 1000. Will tinker a bit, don't have full board control, merely a mod, but I suspect a bug.
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    Thank you for looking into it Phil! Let us know if you find out anything.
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    Any updates Phil? Or perhaps a mod would like to chime in?
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    Any ideas? Or is that post just broken? Would love to keep the discussion going and read the additional messages that were posted! Is there any way to contact the admins directly?
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    if you go on thread tools, and click on "show printable version" you can see past page 100.
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