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    So I am going to do a photoshot with my Helium and I would like to do bracketing so I can do HDR in post. However, I can not seem to find any method to do this in "stills" mode. Even with HDRx, I am only getting 2 exposures when I'd really like 3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do a 3 frame bracketing that doesn't include pressing record, switching shutter, pressing record, etc. and possibly bumping the frame?


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    HDRx allows for 2 frame bracketing at up to a 6 stop difference. I"d recommend typically about 1-3 stops.

    You can actually just role like this and if you want to do the HDR blend it works with all current SDKs in motion, but you can also export the A and X track and blend manually.

    For 3 exposures or more, no, nothing current in the firmware allows for that.
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    Perhaps a workaround is to overexpose A by one stop, and set the X track to -3.
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