I have DSMC1 Epic M-X and an additional DSMC1 Epic M- Dragon Carbon Fiber Kit
I will be upgrading to Gemini hopefully this week and I have some questions in mind.

Since I didnt work with DSMC2 Line of cameras but instead I know that its another line
and most parts dont work
- I have both DSMC TI PL mount as well as DSMC Canon mount will they work on DSMC2 Gemini?
- I have Bomb OLED EVF, I know that with Lemo A adapter we can use the DSMC Oled viewfinder on DSMC2
But I would like to use my DSMC 5" Touch monitor as well
Can I use them on the same time or how can I use them on the same time?
I want to buy DSMC2 Production Module as well

Any help is appreciated

Kind Regards