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    Just got one this week and playing around with it. Normally I don't do sound but with COVID been in situations were I had to be one man band and decided to upgrade.

    The Mixpre 3 II is far superior quality than going into camera even with a Bechtel DXA-MICRO PRO or separate recoding with a Tascam DR-70D.

    The build quality and the tactile feel of the buttons alone will make you feel wanting that build quality on all your gear.

    Be really cool if Sound devices and Red got together and made this into a module. The REDCODE file already has 4 channel but two are dedicated to the scratch mics. But imagine if they built a solid module and used 4 channels of the REDCODE and maybe spit out a separate wave file for 32bit float. All nicely compact instead of two devices.

    Then charge like $5000-7000 for this module. Where I would go ouch to much and stick to this setup instead. But it would be awesome to have a solid well rounded camera.
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