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    Hello friends,

    Just got notice of a generous offer from RED, specially generous for us MG users. For 29'500.-- you'll get a Monstro wich is 54'500.-- worth. So your MG would be traded in for 25'000.-- !!!

    Even if I don't have that cash to make the step.
    I wonder how this would affect the second hand market?

    See you

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    Interesting... I got the email, but didn't realise how good a deal the Monstro upgrade was. Wish I had the cash. Feel free to DM me if you are thinking of buying a Monstro :-)
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    this is better deal
    just trade in c500 and you good to go..
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    I got that same email - very very tempting indeed. The Abel deal is about the same after you consider the tax and actual costs involved. My biggest concern is that the second I get a Monstro they officially drop the price of the camera and the cycle continues...

    IMO the Monstro is the best sensor on the market - Duh look at the DXL - nothing compares to that. Pretty soon 8K will be the new 4K, once again RED is about 4 years ahead of everyone else. Monstro is the sleeping giant.
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