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  1. #1 Future Scarlet-W to Dragon-X Upgrades 
    I'm looking at purchasing a Scarlet-W package and I was curious if anyone knows if RED is going to continue allowing Scarlet-W owners to upgrade to the Dragon-X in the future (say like a year from now)? Or was this strictly a limited time offer to users who got on to the petition list? Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer.
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    Maybe not because, in one year or so, probably they’ll be preparing the release of the DSMC3 cameras. But, who knows?
    I think that the best option is if you contact RED directly by email.
    They use to answer really quickly.
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    I would like to know this, also...
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    I would say they are not going to continue this.
    Last thing mentioned in the initial thread, everyone that wanted to upgrade was required to write their name on the list.
    They have locked that thread at this point.!
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    Hi Andre,

    I just paid for the transfer yesterday and I'm traveling next week to drop my Scarlet and pick up my new camera. The Miami reseller told me I had until the 25th of this month to pay. Hope that helps.
    Fernando Tufiño
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    I put in my upgrade request today. Not taking chances and appreciate the 6K upgrade- shows they are committed to the Dragon-X and its future upgrade path to DSMC in a big way.
    benjamin reece
    dragon-x #003196
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    About to buy a ScarletW and I’m contemplating putting in the request, only so I don’t get left out...honestly don’t really NEED the upgrade.

    BUT since they’re still offering upgrades from the Epic Dragon, I feel like the upgrade from SW should stay around for little while ...
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