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    This happens with my Gemini. It's annoying and I have to change all the RED's to Log3g10 & redwidegammut rgb with the inspector tool. Not sure why but it happens to me too and my FCPX is up to date. It's nice when everything comes in natively because then you can drag and drop to the timeline without any rendering triggered.
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    Same here! Thought it was just my workstation but looks like that’s a global problem. Hope the new version will arrive anytime soon.
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    Revisiting thread two years later! As a newbie found all your advice invaluable and got comfortable with editing FCPX. But found color grading RD3 on FCPX not very satisfying.

    Tried Davinci Resolve and was blown away by its Color page. The next step was to try out the Edit page and haven't gone back to FCPX ever since. The switch was easy even as a newbie (or perhaps because I was new and not entrenched with one software!). Editing and coloring on Resolve ever since. The studio version of 17 is a deeply satisfying tool.
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