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    Sad to hear that Tom. Please keep us posted!
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    The saddest thing is that there is no official reply from Van Diemen here on this thread...did you send them the link Tom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommaso Alvisi View Post
    The saddest thing is that there is no official reply from Van Diemen here on this thread...did you send them the link Tom?
    They are aware.

    Van Diemen has an apparent advantage of the distance, and they are acting like gangsters.

    Today, when my business partner informed Van Diemen about his intention to fly to UK to collect the lens and settle payment, Christopher stated, "We do not allow personal visits during the period of the Pandemic."

    So Van Diemen is prohibiting "anyone" from collecting their own property, even though people can carry on daily activities! UK is not under a complete shutdown.

    And, why is an attempt to settle a business transaction considered "personal visits"?!!!

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    31 months later....

    We have now entered 2021 (3rd year) and Van Diemen is still sticking to the lies

    Christopher from Van Diemen in a December 2020 email states that "There have been no unreasonable delays in completing the work you requested".

    I have people on multiple forums contact me about the same scenario with Van Diemen. However, they seemed to be afraid to speak up in fear of retaliation by Van Diemen, as is so obvious in my case.

    Van Diemen has caused irreversible damage to our business. We are unable to travel to UK due to the pandemic, but we have now developed a website to make the public aware of our horrible experience with Van Diemen. Website will be launched next week.
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    Hi Tom, sorry to hear about the experience. I had terrible experiences with UK companies ignoring invoices once they knew my business was no longer in the UK. Some companies take advantage of the difficult and expensive process to deal with claims across borders. Not sure what value we are talking but I would look into setting up a simple UK address company and start legal proceedings. You can buy a UK address limited company for very little money and the claims process is hugely simplified. Everything can be done online.
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    I image these alleged incidents might also affect the re-sale price of Van Diemen lenses?
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    This came up on a due diligence background check. They just lost quite a bit of business.
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    Update: We are now 2 months shy of 3 years of this hellish journey.

    It took a while but the webpage and intro youtube video are ready.

    It will be followed by more videos.**

    While my partner and I are at a major loss, I hope this webpage and videos will help others make an informed decision before they ship off their lenses to Van Diemen lenses.**
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    It is now June 2021 and we are 3 years into this.* The latest update from Van Diemen is "We reserve the right to start charging storage and interest if this is not resolved promptly and has to be taken further."

    Van Diemen accepted Paypal to reel me in and now want cash and are threatening me with storage and interest charges.*

    When I showed concern about sending a wire transfer and about retrieval of my lens, Van Diemen says "The guarantee that you will receive the lens is my word"

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    This is sad. I hope you can get your lenses back soon!
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