Considering the performance level of current offerings and the healthy demand for Komodos, I see no reason to rush DSMC3 to market.

As others have noted, RED has a lot more competition than early in the Rebellion. They also have learned a ton - some of it the hard way - in the last 14 years. I thought the ramp up of the Komodo rollout was a good example of their more evolved approach.

Like in the computer world, sometimes there are particular technological developments that impact timelines for new products. For starters, CF Express media promises very high data rates in a tiny form factor ideal for digital motion image capture applications. Ideally, Type C with PCIe4 if it matures fast enough. Even Type B, which is already available with sustained write speeds over 1,200MB/s (2,000MB/s theoretical max), would be an excellent solution with a good chance of wide availability and commodity pricing within 2 years.

Of course it all comes back to how the sensor development timeline aligns with everything else. FWIW, I'd wait an extra few months for a major advancement - particularly a fast global electronic shutter.

Cheers - #19